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Shawbury Vintners was created in 2000 as a ''different'' wine sales company with a new approach to customer service and contact. Mike Newman, owner and driving force of the company had previously spent over 20 years in the wine business with a large international winery, where he had become increasingly frustrated by their attitude to ''King Customer'', causing him to leave and set up his own company equiped for a new century.


Customers found the wines and ethos a delight, and sales grew at a fast rate, aided by the company's ability to find new and exclusive fine wines for them to sample and purchase.


1. The Arduini family started their viticulture lifestyle back in the 1940's when Gabriele Arduini bought their first vineyard in Marano Di Valpolicella. The family business grew exponentially when, with the help of his three sons Battista, Alfredo and Turrido, they purchased two more vineyards in the 1960's, one in Campara, the other in Corrubbio, which is ancient land that belonged to Villa Banda Amistà.

To this day, the vineyards are looked after by Gabriele Arduini's grand son, Luciano and his family.


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2. La Tordera

Our Prosecco's from the family owned La Tordera Vineyard, located in the hill sides of Vidor in the province of Treviso. This vineyard is over 70 years old and is still owned by the same family, who prefer to carefully hand pick their grapes.


We have 2 Prosecco's and 1 Spumante;


La Tordera Brunei - A refreshing prosecco with apple and acidic flavours, as a prosecco should be.


La Tordera Gabry - An elegant, fruity spumante rosé with hints of raspberry. Our customers fravourite of these 3


La Tordera Otreval - This Gold Medal Winning, fresh, minerally prosecco have been fermented twice, giving zero sugar. It has good structure with complex, fruity and floral aromas.

3. Château Les Hauts D'Aglan Cuvée

Château Les Hauts D'Aglan Cuvèe, roughly translating to 'Castle of High Aglan', is made from 100% malbec. The grapes come from old vines in 3.5 hectares on the highest terrace of the right side of the river Lot, which gives beautiful southern exposure. This robust, heavy, dry bodied wine gives off woody, spicy and fruity scents will compliment most red meat dishes.

They are able to harvest the grapes in early October, due to the vineyard being located in the far west of the Cahors appellation.

The Vineyard is owned by Isabelle Rey-Auriat, Knight in the National Order of Agricultural Merit. She is passionate about making wine, and keeping her vineyard organic.



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